elevage dos prados

Pre-eminently, we chose our mares and our stallion with love and passion. Their splendid models and gaits, their mental balance and of course their coats have been selected to carry out the best cross breeding of horse of colours. Each horse has been tested genetically by registered laboratories (DNA of colours), to guarantee the expected colours. Because of their numerous qualities and particularly for their fabulous character and their beauty, which we have always been in love with, we concentrated our choice of horses on their Iberian origins, but without denigrating any other breed.

poulain The horses live in a herd on 23 hectares of natural meadow. They drink from our natural springs and enjoy baths in the pond each summer. The mares, the stallion and the geldings are all ridden and we break the foals progressively and gently. They have exceptionally good health due to their natural life without any physical or mental stress.

It is with pleasure that we invite you to come and visit us to get to know our herd better...!
Family Martin